Welcome to the Galilee, Northern Israel

Sea_of_galilee_dusk_from_tiberias_israelThe Galilee, or Galil, is located in northern Israel. It is divided into two regions: Upper Galilee and Lower Galilee, and includes perhaps the most diverse topography in Israel, spanning mountains, valleys, streams and rivers, forests, plains and of course the famous Sea of Galilee, or Lake Kineret.

The Galilee is spacious, sparsely populated and made up principally of small towns and villages, as well as two major cities: Tiberias (Tveria) and Safed (Tzfat). It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Israel, offering historical sites such as: Beit She’arim, Kohav Hayarden, and Tsipori; agricultural communities (moshavim) such as: Rosh Pina and Metula; nature preserves such as: Mt. Heron, Hula Valley and Bar’am Forest; Jewish holy sites, such as: Kever Rambam in Tiberias and Kever Ari HaKodesh in Safed; Christian holy sites in Nazareth and Capernaum; and hot spots for water enthusiasts, such as the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) and Jordan River.

It is not just about the outdoors in the Galilee, the region is filled with culinary delights, from the most sophisticated gourmet restaurants in Tiberias and Rosh Pina to intimate cafes and health food pubs in Tzfat and Nazereth.

IMAG0875One needs quite a few days to see and do all that there is to do in the region, and for this you need a comfortable vacation apartment in the Galilee that will provide you with the rest you need after a long day of hiking, horseback riding, cycling, swimming, or skulking through the region’s vast array of archeological sites and ancient caves.

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